Friday, 18 May 2012

PRODUCT//RANGE//DISTRIBUTION - Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy design


Vectors - outlines.

Vectors - silouettes

Vectors - detailed.

Soldier vectors

Spy vectors

Tailor vectors

Tinker vectors

Making the type.

The concept of this typeface is based on the 4 professions tinker tailor soldier and spy. Initially the ideas was to simple create the letterforms fro many combination of the vectors but then I decided it would be more appropriate to use just the vectors that relate to each word. This then caused a problem as some of the letters are repeated in the title meaning they would have to change which isn't something that would normally happen in a typical typeface.

So, I have developed a formula that gets around this problem. I call it the 'Vector DNA'. Each letter has its own 'Vectored DNA' which is determined by the words it appears in. For example...

...the letter T appears both words 'Tinker' and 'Tailor' so the vectored symbols which are relevant to those two words make up the 'Vector DNA' of that letterform. Below is a list of each letters 'Vector DNA'.

T - tinker, tailor
I - tinker, tailor, soldier
N - tinker
K - tinker
E - tinker, soldier
R - tinker, tailor, soldier
A - tailor
L - tailor, soldier
O - tailor, soldier
S - soldier, spy
P - spy
Y - spy
D - soldier

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